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3. Hank Williams, Sr. - "Your Cheatin' Heart"

The song had been recorded and written by Hank Williams, Sr. in 1952, but wasn't released until his death in 1953. The slow blues ballad, telling the real story of the fan who had been bad of cheating on the singer, ended up being prompted by Williams' first wife Audrey Williams. The track has been recorded by many notable singers from different genres such as for instance Nat King Cole, Elvis Presley, Louis Armstrong, Patsy Cline, Van Morrison, Fats Domino, and LeAnn Rimes.

4. Marty Robbins - "El Paso"

"El Paso" was initially released in 1959 in Robbins' album "Gunfighter Ballads and Trail Songs" september. The solitary not just became a hit on country music maps; pop music maps also received the song well. In very early 1960, the song was placed by both music charts on their number 1 place. In 1961, "El Paso" received a Grammy Award for the Best Country & Western tracking. The four-minute and thirty-eight song that is second the tale of the cowboy from El Paso, Texas who fell deeply in love with Feleena, a beautiful woman whom danced at Rosa's Cantina.

When playing in a musical organization, group or combo situation there's a term you will often hear known as "in the pocket".
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2 - Just Fishin' - Trace Adkins (This track is approximately a father and daughter fishing together. Another feel good country track that pulls on your heart strings.")

3 - Country Girl (Shake It For Me) - Luke Bryan (This track is very different from the earlier hit by Luke Bryan 'Rain Is A Good Thing'. The title must be a giveaway that is dead this song just isn't a ballad or even a story song. It's a dance that is coming-right-at-you that caught on and became perhaps one of the most requested country tracks to sing.)

4 - Hell On Heels - Pistol Annies (You can find songs that are country cross overs; tracks that can be played on both the Pop Charts and the Country Charts. Maybe not this song, it's absolutely country. The Pistol Annies produce a declaration of a female's wrath, performing 'sugar daddy I'm comin' for you'. )

5 - You Lie - The Band Perry (Another country tune about an relationship that is unhappy. You lie just like a rug that is persian such as for instance a coon dog basking within the sunlight, such as for instance a cent in the parking lot. This indicates numerous a country track is mostly about that bitter feeling about it. that certain gets when they discover that their significant other isn't therefore significant and folks just love to sing)

6 - Honey Bee - Blake Shelton (This catchy tune did well on the Billboard 100 as well as going 1 on the country charts. The broad benefit of the song (therefore the proven fact that people were singing it) helped place it in to the top ten of our list.)

7 - Barefoot Blue Jean evening - Jake Owen (This track reminisces about the fun one had on his southern summer time barefoot blue night that is jean. His friend Frankie got connected with a Cadillac with horns on the bonnet! )